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Description Web Editor (version 1.26)

New in 1.26 version:
1. Minor fixes and improvement's
2. Syntax loader optimization. (Application starts faster)
3. LZX syntax fix (string with \' \" symbols in scripts)
New in 1.25 version:
1. Minor fixes and improvement's
2. Python Editor
New in 1.24 version:
1. Minor fixes
2. Openlaszlo support
3. JSP support
New in 1.23 version:
1. Minor design/code fixes
2. Optimized syntax analizator
New in 1.22 version:
1. Minor fixes
2. Base XML editor
3. HTML Print preview
New in 1.21 version:
1. Minor fixes
New in 1.20 version:
1. Printable code view
2. Redesign
New in 1.19 version:
1. Optimization
New in 1.18 version:
1. Ftp by HTTP. Minor improvement's and fixes
New in 1.17 version:
1. Minor improvement's and fixes
New in 1.16 version:
1. Minor improvement's and fixes
New in 1.15 version:
1. Minor improvement's and fixes
New in 1.14 version:
1. Minor improvement's in Tag inspector, CAB archiver, setup ...
New in 1.13 version:
1. Minor syntax highlighting fixes
New in 1.12 version:
1. New setup versipn
2. PHP syntax highlighting fixes.
3. FTP port + change directory fixes.
New in 1.11 version:
1. Web site FTP (upload/download)
2. Small bug fixes.
New in 1.10 version:
1. PHP support.
2. Small bug fixes.

The purpose of the project is to give opportunity for simple Web sites creation.

  • To present a site as a project which groups files by their types, with the appropriate editing and viewing programs. An opportunity of simultaneous operations with several projects;
  • To work with databases on ADO technology foundation: standard access to various data types. SQL editor with highlighting of syntax and an opportunity to execute the query.
  • To edit image files by means of any editor you chose(by default standard - Paint), availability of built-in GIF Animator;
  • Flash Player;
  • The CSS editor with highlighting of syntax and CSS inspector, an opportunity of automatic insert of standard elements;
  • Scripts editors with highlighting of VBScript and JavaScript syntax;
  • Work with standard HTML files, highlighting of syntax, tag inspector or inspector of CSS depending on the cursor location. An opportunity to insert standard tags;
  • Similar editor for dynamic ASP, PHP pages, with the highlighting of syntax and page language autodefinition;
  • An opportunity to edit or view other files of the project by any editor supporting the work with files from command line;
  • Site map editor with the subsequent export to HTML page;
  • To compress the project with site files in CAB archive, with structure retention. That enables a convenient store of your projects or transfering them to other computers;
  • To compile the project into CHM format. Thus it is possible to create help files or to use your site displaying from one file of such format any way.

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